Are You Ready For The Future?

Germany’s first Hologram Escape-Room: Project Paranoid

Project Paranoid


Project Paranoid is Germany’s first one-hour live adventure with Mixed Reality headsets for four players.

This means that you can still see your friends, while you immerse yourself in breathtaking hologram worlds with them. In addition, other high-quality entertainment technologies ensure an immersive experience that is second to none.

Project Paranoid’s interactive storytelling deals with socially critical future topics and has many different outcomes for your adventure.


Project Paranoid (Part 1) takes place in 2029. The players represent the President and his staff of ministers who are about to put an end to the worsening climate crisis with the help of Artificial Intelligence “CC”.

But the omniscient AI’s plan had a catch. It sends you on a ride through the history of the origins of the first computers and AI’s in order to find and solve the unforeseen program errors.


Update – September 2021

Dear Mixed Reality Fans,

the development of Project Paranoid is now finished and you can go play the AR Escape Room in the VRHQ Hamburg . Please inform  the Team of the VRHQ when booking your ticket, that you want to play Project Paranoid, to help them with their organizing.